Now membership in NAMM is a way to active advance of individual activity, business and management team of the company and an exit to the new level of development. Having updated membership or having become the new member of NAMM you have an opportunity of advance of the ideas and the business purposes now, using the platform and the NAMM tools. In parallel there is a possibility of obtaining the consolidated opinion of business and scientific community for advance of your interests and realization is more whole.
Each individual and corporate member participating in work of NAMM will have an opportunity to publicly declare oneself also the achievements that he will promote both achievement of personal interests, and business together with implementation of own development strategy.
Leaders of business and the young perspective companies, as before, will have a possibility of participation in the competition "Elite of Business of Tajikistan", "The Best Manager of Tajikistan", "The Best Exporter of Tajikistan" that will strengthen image of the company in public opinion.
Membership in NAMM, as before, is carried out in two forms corporate (collective) and individual. However the new concept in NAMM assumes granting diversified packages of services for members which directly will affect the size of annual membership dues. The gradation of membership dues for corporate members depending on a package of additional services is presented in the application. The size of an entrance fee will be less diversified and to consist of two gradation.  

Members of NAMM irrespective of a form of membership and level of diversification of a package of the provided services will have the following opportunities:

- Positioning as the individual or corporate member of NAMM at public institutes and in media
- Assistance to an entry into foreign markets and search of investors, including through participation in the competitions "Elite of Business" and "The Best Manager of Tajikistan" which will provide increase in image and rating of the company
- Advance of interests of members and business in general in a business community and power structures.

- As the partner in special projects and initiatives of NAMM.
- In the working groups of the public councils formed at the ministries and departments on interesting to subjects/questions for the purpose of lobbying of interests on business development.
- Once a year at the thematic international conferences and forums organized at the initiative of NAMM.
- in development and expansion of activity of NAMM taking into account interests and priorities of his members.
- in the informal actions organized by NAMM (business breakfasts, lunches, meetings "without ties").
- in the events held by the NAMM Partner organizations.
- in "Business club" of NAMM.

- The organization of target actions on the NAMM platform with direct assistance of experts of NAMM in the course of their carrying out.
- Assistance in establishment of contacts with the leading founders, corporate and individual members of NAMM, including with partners of the research case
- Coaching by the management and staff of executive directorate of NAMM.
- Training of members of NAMM in the sphere of management, business and the connected profile directions.
- The organization exit a training business tours in the leading regional and world companies.
- The organization of business meetings in the B2B format consultation and development of strategic documents    
- The organization and carrying out researches and reviews with involvement of base of the NAMM scientific case.
- Mutual discounts between members of NAMM at the level of 3-5%
- Priority use of the mechanism of Arbitration judges for settlement of disputes, the conflicts, debt obligations between members and other participants businessmen
- Ensuring volunteer support on image and thematic actions of the companies
- Obtaining certificate of the Member of NAMM and professional awards
- Automatic registration in membership business of club of NAMM  
- Automatic subscription for the Management I Business online magazine

- Full information support of activity of NAMM (program of actions, NAMM editions, researches, projects, etc.)
- Placement of information on the companies and corporate news and also about individual members on the website and brochures of NAMM.
- Preparation of references on interesting business and individual contacts on the basis of the NAMM database.